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Country Cottage

If you dream about beautiful wildlife exploring your garden, with beautiful flowers and classic styling then the Cambridge Garden Landscaper modern garden package is a great fit for you.

Choose from the package options or discuss your ideas with one of our helpful team to create the garden that matches you.

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Small Garden:


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Large Garden:


Included in this package

Flowering Plants

A country garden should be teaming with beautiful wildlife, supporting the bees and butterflies.

We'll also plant up your fences to blend in with the surrounding garden.

These are the plants we recommend for this garden.







Reinvigorate your grass

We'll feed and treat your lawn, to make sure it's healthy and growing well.

Free Compost Bin or Bug Hotel

To help you to entice friendly bugs into your garden and provide back to the environment, we add a free compost bin or a free bug hotel to Cambridge Garden Landscaping Country Cottage packages.