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Flown The Nest

Your kids have left home, and you've got the house all to yourself, it's the perfect time to dismantle the trampoline, sell the football goals and clear the balls of the shed roof, and replace your tired garden with a space that's perfect for relaxing, dining and entertaining!

Cambridge Garden Landscaper's Flown the Nest package is the best way to create a garden that will be the envy of your neighbours and astound your friends; select from the package options or get in contact with our friendly team for custom options

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Included in this package

Planter Beds

Raised planter beds make adding colourful flowers to your garden a breeze, without the problem or dirt being tracked onto your lovely paving! Raised beds are also easier to maintain and are also less stress on the lower back.

Flower and Herb Planting

Your raised beds aren't much use without plants! We'll add the perfect mix of flowers and herbs so you can enjoy the colour while you pick fresh mint for your Mojito!

Black Mondo Grass

Red Hot Poker



Mountain Mint

Fragraria x Ananassa