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Beige Textured Decorative Concrete Paving

Beige textured paving is one of the of the most popular and traditional slabs used in the UK. An authentic and natural appearance creates visual beauty, as it compliments all styles of property, be it old or new. Contemporary or traditional, this paving suits all. The textured surface adds extra safety, enhancing its non-slip properties without damaging its appearance; perfect for those with children who like to utilise their garden and play outside. It also aid's the use with garden furniture, as its even surface allows for the furniture to sit level and firmly in place.

Key Features

  • Decorative Concrete Paving - great all-round textured paving slab for patios, terraces and paved areas
  • Style - 600mm x 600mm light textured anti-slip slab with straight edges
  • Cost-effective - this concrete paving offers great aesthetics and performance at an affordable price
  • Durable - concrete is less susceptible to weathering than natural stone, with less chance of it aging and changing in appearance
  • Anti-slip - ideal for outdoor paving in wet conditions
  • Applications - patios and garden paving
  • Colour - beige