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Pavestone Dolomite Porcelain Paving in White

This type of paving is a very popular porcelain paving slab. It presents luxiurious tiles with superior performance, yet positioned at an affordable price for the homeowner seeking to achieve their dream patio.

It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor living, and you can walk from your kitchen or living room directly ono your terrace or patio as seamless single floor/paving area. There are eight stone colours to choose from that have been inspired from the world's finest examples of natural stone. A wide variety of face textures ensure a totally natural appearance, which will elevate the appearance of your garden space.

The Dolomite Range of porcelain features 8 different colours and all available to buy from Paving Direct:

  • Dolomite Slate
  • Dolomite Moon
  • Dolomite White
  • Dolomite Dark
  • Dolomite Dust
  • Dolomite Hype green
  • Dolomite Sunset
  • Dolomite Grey

R11 Anti-slip Finish

The Dolomite tiles have R11 anti-slip rating. R11 rated paving is considered to be safe for both wet and dry conditions. This product is suited to all outdoor areas, including patios, terraces, steps and balconies. They are also suitable for indoor areas surrounding swimming pools where anti-slip performance is desired.

R11 rated paving is perfect for elderly people or anyone with children, with the anti-slip rating performance providing better safety than concrete & natural stone in similar conditions.

Resistance & Performance

Dolomite porcelain paving is not affected by seasonal weather changes, offering waterproof and frost-resistant performance. Unlike some stone and concrete slabs that can be affected by freeze-thaw damage/erosion, the Dolomite tiles' vitrified surface and impermeability mean water and damp cannot penetrate the slabs. As water and moisture do not enter the slab, the damaging expanding and contracting freeze-thaw process does not occur.

Key Performances:

Low Maintenance Robust & Durable Anti Slip Frost resistant Colour maintaining Resistant to Acids & Alkali chemicals such as fertiliser and lawn treatments Moss & Algae resistant