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Complete Paving Installation

The Brief:

We recently bought a new house, and we'd like to install a paving in our back garden.

What we provided


We prepared the ground by removing all the stones and weeds that we found on the designated area. We then made sure that the ground was compacted enough for us to lay the concrete base. We chose to use Buss Classic Sandstones in Light Grey, because they offer a rustic finish to the space; they also create a nice contrast with the red bricks of the house, drawing attention to the paving.

Buff Classic Sandstone

This Job's Team



David has been with Cambridge Garden Landscaping for over two years. Never missing a day and working in a variety of roles David ensures sites stay clean and tidy, tradesmen get the equipment and materials they need, and that equipment stays in great condition.

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With over 20 years of building and landscaping experience, Stephen is our most experienced landscaper; and one of our hardest workers with a passion for slabs and raised beds

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Richard is our go to for anything and everything with wood; a qualified carpenter with 20 years experience, there is little he hasn't made over his years in the trade.

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