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Paved Entertaining Area

The Brief:

We'd like to have an entertaining area where we can relax and have meals.

What we provided


To create the raised patio we marked the designated area; we then placed wooden slats to delineate the perimeter, and filled the area with concrete. The paving that we decided to lay to create this area in the clients' back garden was Pavestone Opus Porcelain Paving in Groeningen. This paving is resistant to sunlight, meaning that it will not fade with time. Also the dark colours offer a nice and cosy atmosphere.

Pavestone Opus Porcelain Paving in Groeningen

Shingle and Gravel

To create the path that leads to the area we decided to use shingle; as this is an extremely movable material, we build edges to ensure it's contained. Besides being elegant, versatile and highly elegant, shingle is advantageous; rain will permeate through it and soak away into the soil.

Garden Fencing

In order to shield the area from unwanted eyes, we built a fencing around it using timber. This was painted dark grey to match the paving, contributing to provide a cosy atmosphere.

Raised Planter Beds

We decorated the area at the back by adding a raised planted bed in which we planted small shrubs.

This Job's Team



David has been with Cambridge Garden Landscaping for over two years. Never missing a day and working in a variety of roles David ensures sites stay clean and tidy, tradesmen get the equipment and materials they need, and that equipment stays in great condition.

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With over 20 years of building and landscaping experience, Stephen is our most experienced landscaper; and one of our hardest workers with a passion for slabs and raised beds

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Richard is our go to for anything and everything with wood; a qualified carpenter with 20 years experience, there is little he hasn't made over his years in the trade.

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