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Small Garden Design

The Brief:

Maximise the outdoor space in a relatively small area.

What we provided

Garden Fencing

We thought the best way to maximise the outdoor space was to construct a Venetian fence with 5mm gap between the slats. The chosen wood gave a soft appearance, allowing an easy fit around the curve of the conservatory, keeping symmetry and not eating into the garden.

Venetian Fencing Panels


As requested by the client, only part of the small outdoor space was covered in sandstone to give it a more "contemporary feel". We removed the old paving and soil, level the ground by applying a membrane and applied the sandstone.

Rainbow Sawn Edge Sandstone

Artificial Grass Laying

As the client has a small child, we decided not to cover the entire area with paving; so, installing artificial grass was thought to be the best option. We removed a layer of topsoil to maintain levels and compacted the ground. We then laid 35mm of compacted sharp sand. Finally, we carefully rolled out the grass underlay first; on top of that, we rolled out the final layer of artificial grass.

Shingle and Gravel

We laid a membrane to prevent different layers mixing up together, and also secure the soil. We then spread a layer of MOT type 1 which was compressed. Finally, we installed sandstone cobble setts to create the edging frame around the sandstone.

Planting And Hedging

As the garden level was lower than the street level, we opted for raised beds made out of vertical railway sleepers set in concrete. The sleepers we used were oak sleepers, which give it a more rustic but charming feel. Once these were secure, we filled them with uncontaminated top soil.

Railway Sleeper

This Job's Team



David has been with Cambridge Garden Landscaping for over two years. Never missing a day and working in a variety of roles David ensures sites stay clean and tidy, tradesmen get the equipment and materials they need, and that equipment stays in great condition.

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With over 20 years of building and landscaping experience, Stephen is our most experienced landscaper; and one of our hardest workers with a passion for slabs and raised beds

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Richard is our go to for anything and everything with wood; a qualified carpenter with 20 years experience, there is little he hasn't made over his years in the trade.

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