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Cambridge Garden Landscaping provide everything you could need for your garden.

Artificial Grass Laying

Make maintiaining your garden easy with artificial grass, with our top of the range artificial grass you can have a gorgeous garden that looks just like the real thing.

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Shed Installation

Garden sheds and out houses are now more popular than ever. We supply and install a wide range of sheds plus laying shed bases.

Learn about our Shed Installation services

Garden Clearance

Besides from lessening the appeal to your home, having a messy garden is also a tragic waste of perfectly good space.

Learn about our Garden Clearance services

Planting And Hedging

We know how plants can take a plain space and make it extaordinary, but we don't all have the time or green thumb to make it happen. Luckily we can pick the right plants for you and get them happily settled in your garden for you.

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Irrigation And Drainage

Irrigation and drainage systems are paramount to ensure a healthy lawn and overall landscape.

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Garden Rockeries

When designing your garden, rockeries can become a focal point, often taking advantage of sloped or terraced areas. They can also create areas for planting or used as edging to a path.

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Trellises are perfect for offering visual interest to your garden, while also creating various areas dedicated to different functions such as relaxing, dining or growing vegetables.

Learn about our Trellises services

Garden Lighting

Great lighting can transform your outdoor space and make it a perfect environment to enjoy at all hours of the day and night, we'll install the best lights for your needs and the electricity too!

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Whether you need to spruce up an existing decking installation or upgrade your garden with a new build, we have the perfect solution for you.

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Garden Fencing

With our extensive range of premade fencing panels alongside our custom builds, we'll make sure you have the right fence for your garden.

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With weather like ours it's always smart to have paving in your garden, not only to make it look fantastic, but to keep you from sinking into wet grass! With our range of paving solutions you'll be amazed at how it transforms your garden.

Learn about our Paving services

Shingle and Gravel

A classic hardwearing option, gravel is a great filler for areas of your garden that experience heavy wear; or great as an affordable way to refinish a driveway.

Learn about our Shingle and Gravel services

Gabion Walls

A popular way to quickly build walls or reinforce sloped areas. The baskets come in a range of sizes and fills to suit a variety of requirements.

Learn about our Gabion Walls services

Lawn Seeding and Turf

Nothing beats real grass, whether you want to improve your existing lawn or have an entirely new patch laid, we'll get your garden looking fresh and healthy in no time!

Learn about our Lawn Seeding and Turf services

Raised Planter Beds

Raised planters are a fantasic low maintainance addition to any garden. Perfect for keeping a garden tidy and avoiding pests your can fill them with flowers or veggies!

Learn about our Raised Planter Beds services

Ponds and Eco Ponds

A pond is a great way to add some wildlife and a feature to your garden. Cambridge Garden Landscaping's pond specialists ensure your pond is a great fit for you and your garden, and lasts a lifetime.

Learn about our Ponds and Eco Ponds services

Brickweave and Block Paving

We have extensive experience in installing blockwork using the best materials and techniques. Our experts can help you with your own design or create a design for you.

Learn about our Brickweave and Block Paving services

Gazebos, Pavilions and Pergolas

If you've discovered the benefits of relaxing and entertaining in your garden gazebos, pavilions and pergolas are a great way to enhance your outdoor space; they can add beauty, visual appeal and an opportunity for enjoyment.

Learn about our Gazebos, Pavilions and Pergolas services


Love the look of gravel but hate the way it shifts around? Then a bound gravel driveway ticks all the boxes. All the variety, none of the hassle.

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