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Garden Walls

Perimeter and Boundary Walls

Adding a perimeter wall to your garden is a great alternative to a fence, and is guaranteed to last. A wall adds privacy and enhances the look of your garden, at an affordable price. We have a wide selection of stone and brick to choose from to make sure that your wall suits your garden; offering everything from traditional finishes to contemporary designs.

We only use registered bricklayers to construct our walls, so you can be sure of the quality.

Decorative Walls

A decorative wall can be a great addition to a garden, whether it is used to segment your garden, to transition between garden levels, or to contain raised planter beds, we can provide the finish and style that suits you best.

Wall Repair

Some walls require a bit of love to get them back to looking their best, we offer a range of services to restore your walls to their best condition. Every wall is different so our specialists will work with you to ensure your requirements are mat and you are happy with the results.

Wall Installation Process

No matter what type of garden wall you're after, we can do it following these three simple steps:

Step 1 - The Survey

One of our specialist team members will come to you, to take measurements and inspect the site. During this visit you can explain exactly what you want so that they can determine everything that needs to be done to complete the job.

Step 2 - The Quote

About 3 days following the survey, we will provide you with a quote which will include all the costs, including materials for the job. This will be the final price so you can be sure there will be no nasty surprises.

Step 3 - Execution

As long as you're happy with the quote, then we will arrange, at a time convenient for you, for the team to come to your property and install or repair your wall.