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Ponds and Eco Ponds

Ponds are a great way to add some wildlife to your garden, a well designed pond can become the centrepiece for your garden, providing you with a calming retreat that will last a lifetime. Every pond is unique with the fish, stones layout and water features chosen and created with your goals in mind.

Why Choose Cambridge Garden Landscaping?

We handle the entire process; from design, to installation, and even maintenance, we can help you every step along the way. Also:

  • There are no hidden charges, our quotes are final.
  • Our team are friendly and experienced
  • We use all the latest professional equipment.
  • Our consultations are FREE

We love creating unique and beautiful ponds, and you'll love the ponds we create! Don't hesitate to get in touch.

Pond Build Process

Our pond installation service consists of the following steps

Step 1 - The Survey

One of our friendly pond specialists will come to you, to take measurements and inspect the site. During this visit you can explain your vision for the pond, and discuss potential options; our specialist can then determine everything that needs to be done to complete the job.

Step 2 - The Quote

About 3 days following the survey, we will provide you with a quote which will include all the costs, including materials for the job. This will be the final price so you can be sure there will be no nasty surprises.

Step 3 - Execution

As long as you're happy with the quote, then we will arrange, at a time convenient for you, for the team to come to your property and build your pond.

Here is how Cambridge Garden Landscaping create your pond:

  1. The area will be marked out and cleared, ensuring the surrounding garden isn't damaged
  2. We'll use the equipment best fit for your garden to create the hole for your pond
  3. We'll securely install the liner and underlay to ensure that it doesn't slip or leak over the life of the pond
  4. We'll install the surrounding stone, selected to match the pH of your pond
  5. We'll add any water features, and filtration equipment
  6. We'll fill your pond and add your fish
  7. We'll then clean up the site fully and leave you to enjoy your new pond