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David has been with Cambridge Garden Landscaping for over two years. Never missing a day and working in a variety of roles David ensures sites stay clean and tidy, tradesmen get the equipment and materials they need, and that equipment stays in great condition.

Past Projects

Patio, Lawn And Flower Beds

Brief: null

Front Garden Complete Renovation

Brief: The front of our house feels a bit dull; make it more welcoming.

Decorative Planter

Brief: Our driveway is very non-descriptive, simply covered in tarmac. We 'd like some decoration and lighting.

Brick Driveway

Brief: Need to replace unattractive concrete driveway to create more kerb appeal.

Large Back Garden Redesign Project

Brief: Our back garden needs a complete renovation; it has been neglected and overgrown whilst conducting other works on the house.

Natural Looking Garden

Brief: I'm into gardening and I'd like a more natural looking garden.

Garden Renovation And Pond

Brief: Modernise the garden. Create a hardwearing area for seating and barbequing. Make plant maintainance easier. Add an eco pond.

Kid Friendly Garden Renovation

Brief: Garden needs a new look, should look modern, be low maintainance and a great space for kids to play.

New Build Front Garden Upgrade

Brief: The wood chippings outside my house are all over the place; and the paving has been poorly laid. I need a complete renovation.

Large Gravel Driveway

Brief: Make driveway more easily accessible for our cars.

Paving and Pergola

Brief: Need paving replacement and enhance the value of the appearance of the house with a new pergola.

Back Garden Paving and Turf

Brief: Our back garden got completely neglected. We'd like a complete renovation.

Complete Lawn Renovation

Brief: Lawn has become pitted and sparse, would like an entirely fresh and level lawn.

Porcelain Patio and Step

Brief: I need to replace my existing patio, that has been damaged by elements.

Modern Garden With Raised Planter Beds

Brief: Transform the mossy lawn at the back of our house in an area perfect for family and BBQs on long summer evenings.

Resin Bound Driveway

Brief: Tired of our loose gravel driveway, we want something more elegant.

Back Garden Turf and Planting

Brief: Our back garden is overgrown and it lacks of care; it needs a tidy up.

Paved Entertaining Area

Brief: We'd like to have an entertaining area where we can relax and have meals.

Vegetable Plot to Usable Garden

Brief: With a young son we no longer have time to garden and need an open usable space for playing and entertaining

Complete Paving Installation

Brief: We recently bought a new house, and we'd like to install a paving in our back garden.

Small Garden Design

Brief: Maximise the outdoor space in a relatively small area.

Sloped Paving And Pavillion

Brief: Our garden feel s a bit empty at the moment; we'd like to make it cosy.

Loose Gravel Driveway

Brief: Our current driveway has loose gravels, making it hard for us drive on it.

Full Garden Paving and Pergola

Brief: To construct the hard wearing outdoor area for entertaining.

Garden Clearance and Renovation

Brief: Garden has gotten out of hand, can no longer keep so need a low maintainance alternative.

Living Wall Build and Plant

Brief: Install a living wall with integrated irrigation.

Decking Replacement

Brief: Replace old and unsafe deck with a new similar structure.

Low Maintainance No Grass Garden

Brief: Install a low maintainance garden for a new build, without grass, with usable hardwearing areas

Porcelain Patio

Brief: We'd like a new patio outside our back garden, that possibly adds elegance to the house.

New Stairs and Artificial Lawn

Brief: Make the upper garden more accessible, install new grass to replace the old.

Indian Sandstone Patio Installation

Brief: An easy to maintain hard wearing patio, at an affordable price.

Brick Wall And Paving

Brief: Our clients were renovating their semi-detached property and wanted to focus on their small back garden to bring it up to the same standards.

New Patio and Flowerbeds

Brief: We want a space where we can place a table with chairs to relax, perhaps with some plants as well to make it more comfy.