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With over 20 years of building and landscaping experience, Stephen is our most experienced landscaper; and one of our hardest workers with a passion for slabs and raised beds

Past Projects

Front Garden Complete Renovation

Brief: The front of our house feels a bit dull; make it more welcoming.

Garden Renovation And Pond

Brief: Modernise the garden. Create a hardwearing area for seating and barbequing. Make plant maintainance easier. Add an eco pond.

Paved Entertaining Area

Brief: We'd like to have an entertaining area where we can relax and have meals.

Resin Bound Driveway

Brief: Tired of our loose gravel driveway, we want something more elegant.

Brick Driveway

Brief: Need to replace unattractive concrete driveway to create more kerb appeal.

Complete Paving Installation

Brief: We recently bought a new house, and we'd like to install a paving in our back garden.

Porcelain Patio and Step

Brief: I need to replace my existing patio, that has been damaged by elements.

Paving and Pergola

Brief: Need paving replacement and enhance the value of the appearance of the house with a new pergola.

Porcelain Patio

Brief: We'd like a new patio outside our back garden, that possibly adds elegance to the house.

Brick Wall And Paving

Brief: Our clients were renovating their semi-detached property and wanted to focus on their small back garden to bring it up to the same standards.

Decking Replacement

Brief: Replace old and unsafe deck with a new similar structure.

Natural Looking Garden

Brief: I'm into gardening and I'd like a more natural looking garden.

Living Wall Build and Plant

Brief: Install a living wall with integrated irrigation.

Patio, Lawn And Flower Beds

Brief: null

Sloped Paving And Pavillion

Brief: Our garden feel s a bit empty at the moment; we'd like to make it cosy.

Modern Garden With Raised Planter Beds

Brief: Transform the mossy lawn at the back of our house in an area perfect for family and BBQs on long summer evenings.

Low Maintainance No Grass Garden

Brief: Install a low maintainance garden for a new build, without grass, with usable hardwearing areas

Kid Friendly Garden Renovation

Brief: Garden needs a new look, should look modern, be low maintainance and a great space for kids to play.

New Stairs and Artificial Lawn

Brief: Make the upper garden more accessible, install new grass to replace the old.

Full Garden Paving and Pergola

Brief: To construct the hard wearing outdoor area for entertaining.

Small Garden Design

Brief: Maximise the outdoor space in a relatively small area.

New Patio and Flowerbeds

Brief: We want a space where we can place a table with chairs to relax, perhaps with some plants as well to make it more comfy.

Large Back Garden Redesign Project

Brief: Our back garden needs a complete renovation; it has been neglected and overgrown whilst conducting other works on the house.

New Build Front Garden Upgrade

Brief: The wood chippings outside my house are all over the place; and the paving has been poorly laid. I need a complete renovation.

Back Garden Paving and Turf

Brief: Our back garden got completely neglected. We'd like a complete renovation.

Garden Clearance and Renovation

Brief: Garden has gotten out of hand, can no longer keep so need a low maintainance alternative.

Loose Gravel Driveway

Brief: Our current driveway has loose gravels, making it hard for us drive on it.

Large Gravel Driveway

Brief: Make driveway more easily accessible for our cars.

Back Garden Turf and Planting

Brief: Our back garden is overgrown and it lacks of care; it needs a tidy up.

Vegetable Plot to Usable Garden

Brief: With a young son we no longer have time to garden and need an open usable space for playing and entertaining

Decorative Planter

Brief: Our driveway is very non-descriptive, simply covered in tarmac. We 'd like some decoration and lighting.